Take Me to the Forest

About the Project
‘Take me to the Forest’ is a non-linear Interactive Projection Wall experience, at the Odisha State Tribal Museum, Bhubaneswar, India. The project was Shortlisted for the prestigious IxDA 2022 Interaction Design Awards, under the ‘Engaging‘ Category. It introduces young museum visitors to the forests of Odisha and help them discover the various Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTG) residing within them.The project talks about how the lives of Odisha’s PVTG communities are intertwined with the forest in different ways.


As Hunter-Gatherers, these communities possesses knowledge of the best sites for forest produce collection, and also when and how to engage in these activities so as to preserve the natural balance. As Cultivators, they have succeeded in harnessing the forests for shifting and settled cultivation, horticulture and growing spices, herbs and vegetables. They also manage water and land so as to live sustainable lives.
‘Take me to the Forest’ is thus designed to aid younger visitors in understanding complex concepts like sustainability, biodiversity, conservation and indigenous eco-friendly practices.


The experience consists of an interactive mural that spans 3 walls covering a total area of 45 feet x 8 feet. There are 55 interactive points. Touching a point triggers the projection system which then presents a small information capsule. Each capsule may describes a PVTG, their land, the forests and streams around them, the animals they hunt, the crops they grow, and the forest produce they collect. The mural and the information it presents have been designed to encourage exploration and the sense of wonder and discovery while the language used is simple to understand.



Concept design, media production, application development, 2D motion graphics, printing and installation

Accessible Via

Touch Pen, Finger Touch

Interactive Projection Wall