Interactive Kiosks, Odisha State Tribal Museum

Museum of Tribal Art and Artefacts, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

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About the Project

Each gallery at the Museum of Tribal Art and Artefacts is a self-contained exhibition dealing with tribal clothing and ornamentation, art and craft, agricultural practices, musical instruments or hunting and fishing implements.


The kiosks at the museum therefore make use of the objects on display, to inform and educate the visitors about tribal art and culture of Odisha. Visitors are encouraged to spend time at the museum, enjoy a mix of short videos, schematics and animated myths. A small guide book was also prepared to provide information on the display in English, Hindi and Odia.


The kiosks offer visitors a choice of language between Odia, English and Hindi.



Concept, research and content development, media production, motion and graphic design, software and hardware development, interaction design, installation and on-site support for hardware

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