‘Bhasha Van’

Adivasi Academy, Chhotaudepur, Gujarat
About the Project

An Audio Tour on linguistics, Bhasha Van encourages visitors to leisurely stroll through a forested area at the Academy. Shelters along this walk provide information in the form of cloth bound manuscripts, scrolls and terracotta murals.


The audio tour allows visitors to engage with India’s linguistic diversity through audible language samples in the form of songs, poems, folktales, sayings and jokes drawn from different languages of India; ensuring visitors can here ‘voices’ in different languages instead of simply reading about them.


The participatory tour allows visitors to contribute stories, recordings and other material in their mother tongue to the Academy’s archives at the end of the tour. With information on more than 100 Indian Languages, this Tour is available in English and Gujarati.



Concept design, content development, media production, graphic design, interaction design, installation and on-site support for hardware

Accessible Via

Smartphones, Tablets*

Audio Tours